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  Profile of Teaching Staff

Year Joined
Desig- nation
Qualifi- cation
No. of Publications
National Journal
Inter- national Journal
Seminar & Conference
Dr. Sacchida- nand Mishr 25.01.2007 Lecturare (Pol.Science)          
Dr. Akhilesh Kr. Tiwari 23.12.2003 Lecturare (Geo.)          
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mishr 06.01.2004 Lecturare (Soci.)          
Dr. Indrasen Verma 14.01.2004 Lecturare (Hindi)          
Dr. Ashutosh Kr. Shahi 05.04.2004 Lecturare (Ancient Hist.)          
Dr. Mala Srivastava 07.07.2004 Lecturare (English          
Dr. Kamlesh Yadav 07.07.2004 Lecturare (Sanskrit)          
Shri Raghvendra Pratap Singh 26.05.2007 Lecturare (Pol.Science)          


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